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This site can be accessed by Under 18's so please no swearing. We only give one warning on this after that you may be blocked and in extreme cases this can be permanent. 


The Basic Rule of this Site is - If You Can't Say Something Nice - Please Do Not Say Anything At All. Healthy debate and discussion is fine but there are always two sides to every story.Please post with respect for others.


If you see anything on this site that involves you personally that you just don't like, you find offensive or think needs reporting Please contact us at


This is a place about FUN & FESTIVALS. Please refrain from commercial posts or anything to do with business or selling - No Sunglasses Please!


Whilst Social Media is a great Platform for displaying your Political, Social or Religious Views. This is not the Forum to do it in! WE ARE ABOUT PARTY'S, FESTIVAL & FUN - Go as off topic as you like but please follow the basic rules.


No Nudity or Pornography.


The Moderators decision is final and gross infringement of the rules will result in a ban from the site. For avoidance of doubt we are talking about posts that include

  • Racism

  • Homophobia

  • References to Drugs or Drug Abuse

  • Posts showing any form of Animal Abuse 

  • Porngraphy

  • Bullying or Abusive Behaviour

  • Anything deemed grossly offensive or inappropriate by the moderators.