Deposit & Part Payment System

If you booked using the Split Payment Scheme we will email you regarding how you pay your instalments, if you have any questions you can email us or call the Box Office on 01803 290864


Deposit & Part Payment Terms & Conditions

  1. All General Ticket Terms & Conditions Apply

  2. If you cannot make payment by the deadlines, please contact us. Whilst we cannot make refunds on deposits paid, you will not automatically lose your tickets. We understand the pressures of life, that is why we introduced the system not to “rinse” you! Please, give us a call or drop us an email we will always help if we can 😊

  3. Tickets will not be sent out until all instalments have been made.

  4. If you pay installments under different names, please let us know so we can tie the payments together (this is automatic if you use the same name)

  5. If you lose your paperwork\email or cannot remember what you booked when the next instalment is due, please contact us, we have a record of everything and really don’t mind.

  6. We will send out email reminders prior to the payment deadlines so please make sure you enter your address correctly.

  7. Our contact details are or give us a call in the Office on 01803 290864