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Do under 5's need a Ticket?

No, children aged 0-4 years do not require a ticket

Can we have a Fire or BBQ?

BBQ's are permitted but fires are not. It is really important that we are all safe whilst camped. We employ "Fire Watchers" 24hrs a day to investigate any fire/smoke on site so we can all sleep easy at night. These people know the difference between wood and charcoal so please don;t "push your luck" it can be really confrontational making someone extinguish a fire once started, PLEASE REMEMBER - NEVER EVER TAKE A BBQ INTO A TENT FOR WARMTH, THEY GIVE OFF CARBON MONOXIDE AND ARE KILLERS! IN 2018 DUE TO THE HOT SUMMER IT WAS NECESSARY TO BAN BBQ's TOO BUT WE WILL KEEP YOU WELL INFORMED IF THIS IS NEEDED IN 2019

Are Entry Tickets included in the Glamping Price?

No, the cost of Glamping is for the tent only, weekend entry tickets are purchased seperately.

Can I bring my Dog?

Yes you can bring your dog but no ferocious beasts please "comedy dogs" only. If your dog cannot cope with groups of "free range" children arriving unexpectedly through your camp, it would not be fair on either the dog or the kids to bring them. Dogas are to be kept on leads or tied up at all times with all mess cleared up. Failure to do so will result in the dog being asked to leave site. NO second chances on this one!

What are the gate Opening & Closing Times?

Festival Opening Times Gates open at 11:00 on Friday 9th August and remain open and manned 24hrs until 12:00 on Monday 12th August. The Box Office closes at 22:00 each evening for new arrivals, Early Camping Arrivals Gates open for arrivals from 10:00 each day Day Tickets - No Campiing with Day Tickets Friday - Open from 15:00 - Off Site by 02:30 on Sat 10th Aug Saturday - Open from 10:00am - Off Site by 02:30 on Sun 11th Aug Sunday - Open from 10:00am - Off Site by 20:00

What do I do if my Tickets haven't turned up?

We send all tickets out via Royal Mail, starting in the middle of June. If you think yours should have arrived and haven't give us a call on 01803 290864 or email us at We are a smal festival with good records so there's no need to stress over tickets, if you've paid, whatever the issue we can sort it! SO YOU TURN UP ON-SITE NO MATTER WHAT AND WE WILL SORT IT

What type of Ticket do I need to bring my own Tent and Camp for the Weekend (i.e. Fri to Monday)

All our weekend standard entry tickets have camping with your own tent and equipment included. We have plenty of room on the campsite which is 100m level walk from the Car Park for larger tents\groups etc.

What type of Ticket do I need to bring my Caravan or Camper and Camp for the Weekend (i.e. Fri to Monday)

You will require weekend standard entry tickets togther with a Caravan\Camper Pass at £20 for your live-in vehicle. Weekend Tickets and Caravan\Camper passes are Here Please note that if you bring a Caravan you have to remove the car to the Car Park once you have unhitched. It is part of our license that we do not have any cars on site, if it gets blocked in others peoples camps have to be moved to get it out. Any attempt to get deliberately blocked in or hide your car will result in you being asked to leave site once it is unblocked.

What type of Ticket do I need to camp for just one night?

Unfortunately camping is not included with Day Tickets - To camp over you will reqie a weekend ticket (i.e. Fri-Mon)

What Ticket do I need to Arrive Early on Wed or Thurs?

You will need to purchase additional Early Arrival Tickets for each member of your group, these are split to either Adult or U18 and Arrive Wed or Thurs

Can I bring my own Alcohol?

Of course you can, this is a Festival!! In fact we do not operate a Bar on site you will need to bring your own if you wish to drink, you do not need to overstock though we are only 10 minutes walk from Tesco :-) We do have a couple of rules though as we will not tolerate certain things on the site 1) Please no glass, we are not silly about this, the tomato ketchup and the odd bottle of Champagne are not at risk here ;-). However if you are silly about it and bring all your beer in bottles or do not decant your spirits we will not let you bring them on to site. 2) The sale of any alcohol on site is strictly prohibited, any infringement will result in expulsion from site. 3) We operte a Challenge 25 Policy when obtaining your entry wristband, any young people in teenager or child wristbands or who appear to be underage will be challenged by our security staff if they are seen to be consuming alcohol ot appear to be intoxicted. The safety and wellbeing of the young people on our site is of paramount importance to us and we will not tolerate this type of behaviour.

Can we bring our own Food?

Of course you can, but a word of WARNING, do not bring too much, our food vendors are varied and provide excellent value. We see so much waste and discarded food that people have brought with them at the end, I mean... all best intentions and all that but many cant be bothered to cook once they have arrived. We are only 10 minutes walk from a Tesco, Chinese Takeaway, cashpoint and Pub with a Carvery so this isn't "endurance" you wont need a dozen pot noodles and 20l of bottled water LOL

When will I recieve my Tickets?

We post all our Tickets out in June via Royal Mail to the address you supplied when booking. If you have changed address since booking just let us know at or give us a call in the Box Office on 01803 290864 If you are in anyway worried about your tickets arriving or "have lost everything", "moved ages ago" or are just the type of person tht needs some reassurance ;-) give us a call we are superfriendly

Do I need PayPal to Buy a Ticket On-Line

No you do not, all our transactions are processed via PayPal as they are the most secure on-line provider so all yor details stay on their platform etc. If you do not use PayPal all you need to do is select "Pay with Debit\Credit Card" on the first Paypal Screen. When using a mobile device PayPal may also create an account for you at the end of he process so the transaction is proected but when using a PC you cn opt out of this option if you wish.

Can I purchase Tickets over the Telephone?

Yes you can our Box Office is on 01803 290864 and we are open from 8.00am to 8.00pm 7 days a week.

Can I get to the site using Public Transport?

Yes this is easily done:- By Train : The nearest mainline Railway Station is Plymouth, 6.9 miles from the site. Transfer from Station Site can be done for Taxi for between £10-£15 or there is a regular bus service (see below) By Bus : The Citybus Service 20 Runs from Plymouth City Centre to within 5-10 minutes walk of the site every hour. The outgoing stops are Royal Parade if you arrive by train (5 minutes walk) or Exeter Road if arriving at the Coach Station. The Arrival Stop - You need to get off the bus at the "Lord Louis Pub" in Plympton, the name of the stop is Lord Louis. There is a Tesco right by the Bus Stop at the Lord Louis in case you need to stock up before arrival..... saves carrying it!

Do I need a Parking Ticket?

No, parking is included in your entry ticket. Our car park is right next to the campsite which is right next to the festival so there is no great walk involved and the whole site is flat!

Can I bring my Car on the Campsite to unload\load?

No! Sorry. The Car Park is right next to the Campsite and there are far too many children on site for this to be allowed. If you arriving alone with 5 children and the kitchen sink or have mobility problems our arrival stewards will be there to help you with carrying, but please do not ask to bring your car on site as we will not allow it. If you have severe mobility problems please contact us beforehand at or on 01803 290864 and let us know how we can help you as special arrangements can always be made to make sure the Festival is a great experience for you.

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